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ChitChatr is the latest social media app, where you can share your thoughts and views with all. Enjoy wonderful group chats, private chats and feeds in one app, which is made possible by ChitChatr. Be part of the next generation of social media that affects your life, your friends and followers. ChitChatr is simply the easiest fastest way to connect get followed and follow interesting content that you like. Do team chat, office talk, sport discussion and everything you want to discuss, even you can buy and sell things by sharing photos and videos of your items.

ChitChatr is not just a simple social app, complete solution for your discussions like group messaging, group text, team chat and group chat at one platform with 100% privacy and security. It is an amazing communication app, which provide all facilities for easy business chat. Make your own family group and let them talk with safety and security. Your data is yours; we do not mishandle your data. Reach out to friends and family, build a following or maybe even change the world one "Chirp" at a time. The very best part of ChitChatr is we are growing exponentially every day because of our amazing platform.

Features of ChitChatr – Chat app, Group Messages
Clean and clear design
Unbiased platform respectful of free speech
Chat with friends and family
Best chat app in groups and individuals
Like, comment and share post
Make new posts with photos
Send messages with privacy

Unlimited chats for free

Available everywhere

Anyone from everywhere is welcome in ChitChatr amazing social media app for open discussion in many forms of individual chat, group chat and feeds. We are advocates for free political speech, as long as it does not affect the "nose" of our members. We should be good, so enjoy ChitChatr with friends & family, and add a service or business to engage your customers if you like. More users are turning to ChitChatr as the way to connect with your communities and not be subject to account locks and bans for being too opinionated.

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