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Healing Guide : The Big Picture

Healing Guide

Years of intensive research and successful application was the motivation behind “Healing Guide – The Big Picture”:

• No illness can be generalized, as each person’s health problem is unique.
• What works for one person may not work for another.
• Requirement for nutritional supplements varies for each individual.
• Thought patterns together with food creates the physical body.
• We must step away from the concept of ‘one pill cures all’.

This app was created to guide the user towards the ‘bigger picture’ of understanding how everything is connected and works together.
By following the links you understand your unique health problem and is guided in various ways to find a remedy, whether it is a nutritional shortage or an emotional/energy block:

The Healing Guide offers all you need to know for healing the body, mind and soul.
Become your own healer with tried and tested tips, remedies and healing methods provided.
Understand that symptoms are the body’s way of communication.
Diagnose yourself by tuning into your body’s innate intelligence.
How the physical and subtle bodies work together.
The dangers of MSG and anti-nutrients.
Nutritional supplements; vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, Bach remedies, tissue salts.

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