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CommComm Traffic Social Group

Traffic Social Group

Connecting with someone new in traffic makes it easier for you to form a strong bond quickly than any other dating/friendship site. The immediate connection of bonding with someone just a few lanes away in traffic is truly thrilling. Try it and you’ll see! CommComm Traffic Social Group is your source for making plans today with someone new on your way home! Start your next journey now!

Have you ever been stuck in traffic?
Have you ever:
• Seen someone in another car you wished you could connect with?
• Wanted to hold up a sign with your phone#?
• Wanted to thank someone with a Purple Heart license plate?
• Wanted to compliment the awesome car next to you?
• Wanted to swear at traffic?
Have you ever been so bored in traffic that you did…..whatever?
Who better to complain to and connect with than someone stuck in traffic with you!


• Meet someone new who’s stuck in traffic with you
• Find someone to stop and get drinks/coffee with you

• Find a carpool buddy
• Create a digital identity for your car, including your bumper stickers, car make/model, vanity plate, license plate frame, military service, etc.
• Get/give compliments on a unique car, license plate, or bumper sticker
• View and post live information for commuters in the immediate vicinity, like road hazards or police activity
• Overcome boredom in traffic jams by connecting with people around you

Have fun meeting new people near you on the freeway.
Join CommComm Traffic Social Group, the most unique dating/friendship app today, and you’ll find the best source to connect and bond with someone new through the shared experience of being stuck in traffic.

Be confident and sincere in who you’re looking for. The key is to be open and candid; be yourself. CommComm is a social network that allows you to match and find a partner, or just chat with new people and find friends near you in traffic.

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